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Programming synthetic networks for bio-based production of value chemicals


The global chemical industry is transitioning from petrochemical production processes to bio-based production processes. This transition creates a clear market need for technologies that reduce the development time and cost of cell factories. PROMYS will develop, validate and implement a novel synthetic biology platform technology termed ligand responsive regulation and selection systems. Ligand responsive regulation and selection systems are biological devices that integrate biological sensing modules, within larger regulatory networks to control cellular programs. This technology will drastically accelerate the construction, optimization and performance of cell factories by enabling industrial users to impose non-natural objectives on the engineered cell factory. PROMYS will address three major challenges in metabolic engineering that limit the development of new cell factories.


Synthetic pathway construction



Cell factory optimization



Control of populations during fermentation


Of interest

  • PROMYS Scientific meeting - 30 January 2017 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • PROMYS Scientific meeting - 24-25 May 2016 - Warwick, United Kingdom
  • New publications added
  • PROMYS Scientific meeting - 12-13 October 2015 - Bordeaux, France
  • PROMYS Scientific meeting - 9-10 March 2015 - Amsterdam
  • PROMYS Scientific meeting - 13-14 October 2014 - Madrid
  • PROMYS Scientific meeting - 7-8 April 2014 - Copenhagen
  • PROMYS official kick off meeting – 28 January 2014 – Brussels